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SVL Season 13 Reinforced Conference Standouts

Alyssa Valdez taking a selfie with her co-awardees. (Photo credits to the rightful owner.)

1st Best Outside Spiker
Alyssa Valdez
BOC Transformers

This former Queen Eagle of the Ateneo De Manila University Lady Eagles remains to be phenomenal outside UAAP. Leading her newly-built team, Bureau of Customs Transformers, Alyssa sets herself as a leader by example. She concluded the reinforced tournament as the player who scored the most number of points in a single game in the Shakey’s V-League history with 39 points.

2nd Best Outside Spiker
Ennajie Laure

UST Golden Tigresses

Being a player of a collegiate team is not an excuse for this young lady for her not to step up in the tournament. As a left wing hitter of the Golden Tigresses, EJ Laure gives her heart out on every game making sure that she will contribute on her squad. She is the primary gun of UST on offense and a huge contributor on defense. This former UAAP Girls Volleyball MVP is one of the must-watch players on the collegiate tournament of UAAP Volleyball.

1st Best Middle Blocker
Marivic Velaine Meneses

UST Golden Tigresses

Ria Meneses, former UAAP Best Blocker, receives another Best Blocker award. This time, in the Reinforced Conference of the Shakey’s V-League. Blocking the spikes of their opponents, Meneses played impressively inside the court. As a veteran in UST Golden Tigresses, she lead her team (together with Laure) on getting a ticket on the semifinals. She finished the elimination round as the local player who scored the most number of kill blocks.

2nd Best Middle Blocker
Lilet Mabbayad

BOC Transformers

Even if she missed some games in the elimination round to settle transfer issues, Lilet Mabbayad still managed to upgrade her game as a middle blocker. After finishing the eliminations with 11 kill blocks, this UST Alumna proved that she is a veteran and she is one of the best players in the middle position. Her skills, experiences and height can transform her game into superb.

Best Setter
Iris Janelle Tolenada

Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors

The Filipino-American setter of Pocari, Iris Tolenada, heads her team to victory. She consistently played throughout the tournament. Her setting duty is very significant on the team. In every game, Tolenada tallies impressive number of excellent sets. She is very reliable too when it comes to service and blocking. She is one of the silent workers of the Pocari Sweat team.

Best Opposite Spiker
Michelle Teresa Gumabao

Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors

Captain of the Warriors. Gumabao is always ready in every battle her team faces. When they needed a point, they can surely rely on her. She might not get a lot of sets but when she got a set, she surely scored a point. Her blocking power is also an asset of Michelle. Truly, the right wing position is the territory of Michelle Gumabao in the SVL Season 13 Reinforced Conference.

Best Libero
Dennise Michelle Lazaro

BaliPure Purest Water Defenders

The main floor defender of Water Defenders played splendid on the entire tournament of Reinforced Conference. As she closed the elimination round as the second best digger and second best receiver, Lazaro seems to be unstoppable on working excellently on her position. This former Lady Eagle flawlessly receives hard services and digs powerful attacks of their opponents. She was known for her heroic saves. Dubbed as the Iron Eagle, Lazaro really deserves the Best Libero award.

Best Foreign Guest Player
Breanna Lee Mackie

Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors

Pocari Sweat was able to make their line up stronger because of this incredible import. Breanna Lee Mackie is the team’s guest player from United States of America. Her fantastic skills on the sport was witnessed by many volleyfans in the Philippines. She finished the elimination round as third on scoring, second on spiking, and first on blocking. This 6ft. volleybelle is the top scorer of the Pocari Sweat team.

Conference Most Valuable Player
Alyssa Valdez

BOC Transformers

Finals Most Valuable Player
Michelle Teresa Gumabao

Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors

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My Unpopular Opinions

Inspired by @perksofjustine

Here’s the list of my unpopular opinions:

1. Stop stating public schools are for “poor kids”, utak ang puhunan namin at hindi pera. You can’t buy an educated man anyway.

2. Stop sharing pictures of sick people, demonic creatures and then type AMEN. I think God will never give us such an ill just because we did not like those pictures.

3. Can’t see the logic why there are fans who took suicide because of their celebrity idols. I meant, it is okay to cry a river but never attempt to suicide. Your life should not depend on them.

4. I don’t understand why people says “I will marry a rich man or woman”. That is not love. If you love someone, you accept all the flaws and imperfections whether that person is rich or not. Your husband/wife is NOT AN ATM.

5. I’m NOT agree on th saying “kung mahal ka babalikan ka”. If you love someone, you will not just wait there but you will find ways for him/her to comeback.

6. There is a difference between “FC” and friendly, introverts and loners. Always remember. Don’t use interchangeably.

7. Why people follows you on Twitter then if you didn’t follow them back they will unfollow you? Hey, it’s not an obligation to followback. Don’t be a famewhore.

8. Not because a boy doesn’t play basketball he’s gay. Not because a girl plays basketball she’s lesbian. We choose our own sport. Respect.

9. Fluency on English language is not the basis of someone’s intelligence. It is an edge or advantage. Remember, hindi lang English ang subject.

10. Do not say that one school/institution is a “bagsakan ng mga bumagsak”. Schools are made for quality education and not to be become a bagsakan.

11. It’s funny when you say you are humble, you are not humble anymore. If you say someone is judgmental, you are judgmental too.

12. It sounds offensive when someone gave you a gift and then you ask how much is that gift. I meant, that’s a gift! That’s priceless!

13. Do not say “mayabang” to a person who wants a higher grade. Most of us wants to meet the high standards of our parents.

14. Not all people who goes to Starbucks are “pasosyal”. You don’t care where to spend their money. It is their money, not yours. So shut up

15. “Forgive but not forget” is absolutely better than “forget but not forgive”. I meant, si God nga nagpapatawad, ikaw pa kaya?

16. Please be reminded that not all the people who looks at you likes/ have a crush on you. Hello, wag makapal.

17. I enjoy having my few but true friends than having countless but fake friends. Choose your friends. Quality over quantity.

18. You don’t care if people speaks in a conyo way, bisaya way, kapampangan way. I meant, they speak for theirselves and not for you. Respect cultural diversity.

19. Sometimes, I’m having trouble understanding the lyrics of Ariana’s songs. But her vocal ability is superb. She is one of the best singers in the world.

20. We shouldnt judge people on what they wear even if it’s old-fashioned, “uso”,conservative type or not. It’s how they express theirselves

21. It’s nice that a famous person like Katy Perry is one of United Nations Goodwill Ambassadress. She’s more than an idol, she’s an inspiration.

22. I hate it when people judge someone because he/she use the same outfit repeatedly. I meant, we buy clothes not for single-use only!

23. I don’t get it when people always reason “I’m shy”. I meant, opportunity is coming your way! Grab it, don’t miss it!

24. I’m frustrated when some girls are posting a photo wearing super sexy dress with an almost an exposure of private part JUST TO GAIN LIKES. Respect yourself.

25. High School Musical movies and songs never get old. Until now, I am hoping that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will marry each other.

26. If you want to share story/gossip about a person, please make sure that it is factual & no dagdag-bawas. Mahiya ka naman sa chinismis mo.

27. I don’t get it why people support such thing as physical war where they can fix things sa maayos na usapan.

28. Sometimes even when people say “no offense”, it sounds offensive pa rin especially when your statement was delivered rudely. So be careful.

29. I love songs with meaningful lyrics. Hindi man uso atleast may sense naman hindi puro pasikat lang.

30. Do not backstab someone just because you are insecure. The sad part is that they don’t know that their reputation is being destroyed.

31. Please remind yourself that you go to school to learn something not just for high grades. Numbers don’t even define you anyway.

32. Don’t make someone feel ashamed. Wag kang mamamahiya. That’s the reason why some people does not want to express their ideas and loses confidence.

33. There are people who will leave you after they got what they need. So you need to beware of those people. There are many parasites in this world.

34. Love yourself first before loving others. Not all the time people understands you. There will be a time na ang sarili lang natin ang ating kakampi.

35. If you can’t respect someone’s opinion, atleast respect his/her right to have an opinion. Stop being so rude. Hindi mo ikauunlad yan.

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UST Golden Tigresses glows brighter in the Game 2 of the SVL Semifinals.

by Garnet Tayag

The young but strong UST Golden Tigresses brings the import-laden Pocari Sweat in a five thrilling sets match. Even after a lost in the Game 1 of the semifinals, the Tigresses of Espana trained hard to give Pocari an intense match in the Game 2.
The Tigresses proved to the spectators that even if they are an importless collegiate team, they’re dauntless and powerful enough to give the defending champions Pocari a good fight.

The leading scorer of UST, EJ Laure, said to a pre-match interview “Kailangan lang namin mag-enjoy, kasi kapag nag-eenjoy na kami hindi namin namamalayan na maganda na pala ang nilalaro namin sa court”. As a left wing hitter, Laure sets herself  as a leader by example to the team.

Even if they lost in the first set, the Espana team regained its composure and able to get the second set. Third and fourth set are intense. The volleyfans witnessed long rallies and exchanging of points. UST was able to extend the match into five sets.

Photo credits : Inquirer Sports

UST was defeated by Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors in five sets, (25-17, 24-26, 26-24, 25-27, 15-8). The defense of UST was the highlight of the game. Riri Meneses tallied 6 kill blocks and Rica Rivera had 22 excellent digs and 22 receptions.

The sophomore setter, Alina Bicar,  had 32 excellent sets. Ej Laure finished with 24 points including 13 receptions while Rondina marks 16 points with 22 excellent digs.

Meneses, Francisco and Cortez also contributed a great help with 11, 7 and 6 points. Recently, the Golden Tigresses was hailed as champions on the 2016 Unigames Volleyball Tournament after defeating the University of Perpetual Help Lady Altas in the finals. UST proves that they are really a final four contender in the incoming UAAP Season 79 Women’s Volleyball Tournament.