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My Unpopular Opinions

Inspired by @perksofjustine

Here’s the list of my unpopular opinions:

1. Stop stating public schools are for “poor kids”, utak ang puhunan namin at hindi pera. You can’t buy an educated man anyway.

2. Stop sharing pictures of sick people, demonic creatures and then type AMEN. I think God will never give us such an ill just because we did not like those pictures.

3. Can’t see the logic why there are fans who took suicide because of their celebrity idols. I meant, it is okay to cry a river but never attempt to suicide. Your life should not depend on them.

4. I don’t understand why people says “I will marry a rich man or woman”. That is not love. If you love someone, you accept all the flaws and imperfections whether that person is rich or not. Your husband/wife is NOT AN ATM.

5. I’m NOT agree on th saying “kung mahal ka babalikan ka”. If you love someone, you will not just wait there but you will find ways for him/her to comeback.

6. There is a difference between “FC” and friendly, introverts and loners. Always remember. Don’t use interchangeably.

7. Why people follows you on Twitter then if you didn’t follow them back they will unfollow you? Hey, it’s not an obligation to followback. Don’t be a famewhore.

8. Not because a boy doesn’t play basketball he’s gay. Not because a girl plays basketball she’s lesbian. We choose our own sport. Respect.

9. Fluency on English language is not the basis of someone’s intelligence. It is an edge or advantage. Remember, hindi lang English ang subject.

10. Do not say that one school/institution is a “bagsakan ng mga bumagsak”. Schools are made for quality education and not to be become a bagsakan.

11. It’s funny when you say you are humble, you are not humble anymore. If you say someone is judgmental, you are judgmental too.

12. It sounds offensive when someone gave you a gift and then you ask how much is that gift. I meant, that’s a gift! That’s priceless!

13. Do not say “mayabang” to a person who wants a higher grade. Most of us wants to meet the high standards of our parents.

14. Not all people who goes to Starbucks are “pasosyal”. You don’t care where to spend their money. It is their money, not yours. So shut up

15. “Forgive but not forget” is absolutely better than “forget but not forgive”. I meant, si God nga nagpapatawad, ikaw pa kaya?

16. Please be reminded that not all the people who looks at you likes/ have a crush on you. Hello, wag makapal.

17. I enjoy having my few but true friends than having countless but fake friends. Choose your friends. Quality over quantity.

18. You don’t care if people speaks in a conyo way, bisaya way, kapampangan way. I meant, they speak for theirselves and not for you. Respect cultural diversity.

19. Sometimes, I’m having trouble understanding the lyrics of Ariana’s songs. But her vocal ability is superb. She is one of the best singers in the world.

20. We shouldnt judge people on what they wear even if it’s old-fashioned, “uso”,conservative type or not. It’s how they express theirselves

21. It’s nice that a famous person like Katy Perry is one of United Nations Goodwill Ambassadress. She’s more than an idol, she’s an inspiration.

22. I hate it when people judge someone because he/she use the same outfit repeatedly. I meant, we buy clothes not for single-use only!

23. I don’t get it when people always reason “I’m shy”. I meant, opportunity is coming your way! Grab it, don’t miss it!

24. I’m frustrated when some girls are posting a photo wearing super sexy dress with an almost an exposure of private part JUST TO GAIN LIKES. Respect yourself.

25. High School Musical movies and songs never get old. Until now, I am hoping that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will marry each other.

26. If you want to share story/gossip about a person, please make sure that it is factual & no dagdag-bawas. Mahiya ka naman sa chinismis mo.

27. I don’t get it why people support such thing as physical war where they can fix things sa maayos na usapan.

28. Sometimes even when people say “no offense”, it sounds offensive pa rin especially when your statement was delivered rudely. So be careful.

29. I love songs with meaningful lyrics. Hindi man uso atleast may sense naman hindi puro pasikat lang.

30. Do not backstab someone just because you are insecure. The sad part is that they don’t know that their reputation is being destroyed.

31. Please remind yourself that you go to school to learn something not just for high grades. Numbers don’t even define you anyway.

32. Don’t make someone feel ashamed. Wag kang mamamahiya. That’s the reason why some people does not want to express their ideas and loses confidence.

33. There are people who will leave you after they got what they need. So you need to beware of those people. There are many parasites in this world.

34. Love yourself first before loving others. Not all the time people understands you. There will be a time na ang sarili lang natin ang ating kakampi.

35. If you can’t respect someone’s opinion, atleast respect his/her right to have an opinion. Stop being so rude. Hindi mo ikauunlad yan.